Tokyo, Japan, 2016

Design. Hugo Bertrand, Noël Picaper
1st Prize at the Shelter International Competition

How to create diversified landscapes with food and architecture ?
Imagine the deserted spaces of the city as fertile lands. Parking facilities, residual spaces, highway surroundings, could lead to an abundant food production.

In this project, food is a tool that change some unattractive urban areas into diversified landscapes made of various relations.
From each staple food we can develop many architectural processes operating at several scales, creating new professions and practices, linking skilled workers, inhabitants, investors, encouraging short circuits and alternative means of transportation, means of production, etc… Those interactions will also have a future impact on food and so forth.

Therefore, architecture and food become here interdependent. Their dialog encourages diverse experiences and lifestyles. ‘Foodscape’ gives life to an hybrid landscape created by the fusion of the existing urban context and a nutritive architecture.