Montpellier, France, 2018

Design. Hugo Bertrand, Noël Picaper
Team. Floating Fantasy, LDLM Ebénisterie
Pavilion for the ‘ Festival des Architectures Vives

Strange white figures appear like ghosts in the hotel courtyard. They seem at first sight to be abstract and smooth but tiny creatures with fantastic colored shapes are living on them: the data. They stand there as time immemorial and draw the lines of extraordinary stories that we are unable to understand.
How can we decrypt their language ? By which means can we comprehend these arrangements whose invisible scale surprises us ?

‘ Stories ’ introduces a new level of reference in Montpellier. It is a microcosm which takes shape on the rough extension of the earth and forms impalpable digital connections. The lilliputian size of the data highlights a certain poetic of miniature. The insignificant gains sense. A first elusive reading is possible.

Then technical tools (smartphone, camera, video camera…) allow another glance. After some contortions and crouchings the figure of every small creature appears to us as our devices pick them up. A world of microstories reveals itself and the electronic picture brings it into focus. Each viewpoint is unpredictable and/or subjective.

In this way new situations may be continuously imagined which encourage individuals to share their discoveries. ‘ Stories ’ is the tangible representation of endless opportunities and operative choices which are formed by the evocative power peculiar to small and imperceptible things.